Solo No Puedo: I Cannot Alone

Filming for the last 7 years, my second feature documentary, “Solo No Puedo: I Cannot Alone” is almost done filming. If you build it, will they come? An energetic, inspirational 78-year-old Peruvian-American doctor attempts the impossible before he dies—the construction of a state of the art, volunteer-run hospital in the middle of the jungle. Dr. Luis Vasquez is the Pied Piper of dreams! From his Chicago suburban home, to his mother’s remote jungle village—a place lost in time for a century— Luis’s simple idea to bring universal healthcare to the community and build a clinic explodes into an internationally run and sustainably designed scientific campus that will spark global changes in health care. The area around Yantaló, Peru is lacking in even basic care, but the specialists that are drawn there by Dr. Vasquez’s force of energy have already attracted patents from as far away as Lima. An intimate portrait over 7 years, Dr. Vasquez and his mother’s home village transform, as the power of dreams and determination are tested.

Documentary is the ultimate form of journalism; entertaining, educational, and reaches large audiences. The film will be an example for organizations on how to inspire volunteerism, and for individuals on how to make a lasting impact. Agreements have already been set up between the Peru hospital and over 20 institutes around the world. Each of these organizations provides opportunities for partnership, promotion, and screenings. The film and its corresponding social media and website will provide resources and direction for people to volunteer, donate, and take action, both for Dr. Vasquez’s hospital and for other volunteer opportunities around the world.

At a time when global warming and access and price of health care is on everyone’s minds, the film shares a successful system of “those who can pay will pay who those who cannot” and how to sustainably construct a hospital. Construction of the hospital will be completed April 2014.

Financé par Awesome Without Borders (January 2014)