KinHub provides meetup opportunities for children, families and young people facing barriers to attending mainstream school ("school can't"). Our trauma informed approach addresses obstacles to participation and provides opportunities to connect.

Our inclusive/accessible weekly meet ups enable marginalised young people (many of whom are neurodivergent) the chance to connect and collaborate fostering personal growth, learning and improved wellbeing.

Participants come together to explore areas of interest to them, guided by dedicated Mentors. Our offerings will evolve based on participants' passions and learning styles with the aim of reducing social exclusion and building connected communities. Our goals are twofold:

  1. Address obstacles to participation and social exclusion by building connected communities amongst the vulnerable population of children who don't/can't attend mainstream education.
  2. Provide programs to support the health and wellbeing of young people (and their families) who don't/can't attend mainstream education.

KinHub's impact can be measured by the following outcomes:

Community engagement: Building a vibrant community through physical and virtual spaces, where young people connect with mentors for fun, collaborative, interest based learning experiences.

Social Impact: Increasing social cohesion and breaking down barriers to social isolation for young people outside of the school system.

Health and wellbeing: Our lively, trauma-informed space and caring mentors offer a safe haven for emotional expression supporting personal growth and self-esteem.

Innovation and creativity: The very nature of our low-demand, flexible format encourages creativity, experimentation, and the exploration of new ideas.

Inclusion & belonging: Inclusion and belonging are at the heart of everything we do. We create safe, welcoming spaces where young people’s thoughts and opinions are deeply valued and respected and where everyone can be themselves.

KinHub makes Sydney more #awesome by transforming the lives of young people facing barriers to mainstream education. It brings families together, fosters connections and helps alleviate loneliness. The sense of belonging created by KinHub fosters improved mental health and young people by this marginalised group.

Financé par Sydney (June 2024)