Physiotherapy Fitness Classes for Women

I have recently started Women's Fitness Classes at The Deep End in Govanhill. They run on Tuesday evenings from 16:30-17:30.

As a physiotherapist, I wanted to create opportunities for women in my community to feel safe in a fitness environment in order to build confidence in their bodies. I work in the NHS and regularly see people living with persistent pain and fatigue who face multiple barriers to accessing a fitness routine. The most common barriers to joining a class or a gym are cost and confidence. A lot of the women I treat do not feel comfortable working out in a place where men might see them, or entering a wellness space that feels exclusive, intimidating and "not for people like them". Cost is also prohibitive so I offer my classes on a pay what you can basis down to zero. Unfortunately there are not a lot of options for people who need it the most. These classes have been my attempt to create a fun, accessible option in the Southside of Glasgow. I have created a circuit of exercises that will improve full body strength, cardiovascular fitness, range of movement, balance, bone density and function. Each station has several options, from absolute beginner to highly advanced. As a physiotherapist I can also adapt any exercise to make it more manageable as needed. We play fun music throughout the entire class, and I encourage the women to take breaks whenever they need to in order for them to feel completely comfortable. I am really grateful to have received great feedback from all of the women so far, including refugees, asylum seekers, and women living with chronic conditions. The ages of the participants range from 20s to 60s, and the classes are always filled with smiles and laughter as we encourage each other to keep moving!

Financé par Glasgow (April 2024)