Goudy Wildlife Club of Newburgh

I am founding an experimental arts & culture organization that will serve as a performance and exhibition venue and third space for the residents of and visitors to the east end of the city center of Newburgh, on Chambers Street in the city's First Ward. To begin, I am pairing up with local actor Damian Hughes to produce the first two of a series of performance salons to occur on Friday evenings in April and May of this year.

The long term goals of this project are to provide space and resources for local artists and citizens to make and exhibit art work of various kinds, to stage theatrical performances of modest size but ambitious scope, and generally act as a noncommercial space where people can be without having to spend money. These kinds of places are going to be increasingly important as the city continues to develop and commercial interests become more important to the fiscal bottom line of Newburgh.

This project is going to take the name of the Goudy Wildlife Club of Newburgh, a defunct organization named after the father of American typography and dedicated to engagement with the natural world. My reincarnation of this group will expand the scope and interest of the charter to include the wildlife inside the city limits, and most especially the wild life that people themselves construct to make meaning of life here, and to forge important bonds between their fellow humans.

Financé par Newburgh, NY (April 2024)