The Black & Brown Femme Film Festival

Our Awesome Project is the Black & Brown Femme Film Festival. Did you know that only 10% of film festival submissions are accepted? Leaving 90% of filmmakers without a venue to showcase their films. And the numbers are even less for filmmakers of color. And even less for women-identifying filmmakers. Submitting to film festivals is strategic and very expensive. Many filmmakers are either part time workers, gig workers or work in underpaid industries because the flexibility to create art is more important than pay. BBFF, has two goals.

We aim to lighten the burden of expensive film festival submissions by offering a submission free festival just for femme filmmakers of color. Let us explain some more. The Black & Brown Femme Films organization wants every filmmaker to experience the excitement of having their films shown in a dark movie theater on a 400ft screen. It's the best feeling in the world for a filmmaker!! The absolute best! The Black & Brown Femme Film Festival embraces the inclusive nature of the term "femme". Our organization welcomes filmmakers of any gender who connect with and embody feminine characteristics. Through an empowering and nurturing community, we elevate underrepresented talents in cinema. We are the only film festival in the country that focus on femme filmmakers of color and we DO NOT charge those filmmakers submission fees to enter. We believe that resources should flow back into the creative process, not into financing film festivals.

Financé par Chicago, IL (March 2024)