I am an Art Therapist that recently found my passion of how best to share my love of group facilitation & art making with the world. From Covid, started my business of Hudson Valley Kintsugi. Merging the essence of the ancient art of kintsugi, with a workshop based experience.

During the workshop, participants learn about the history of kintsugi, and then experience the act of breaking a bowl, painting it to show ownership and make it their own, and then joining the bowl back together with gold.

Often times we do not know how strong we are until we are put up to the challenge. That quite literally we are stronger in the places we are broken.

This is what I love to share with the community, the idea of merging art and our life experiences. During the workshop I share ideas for self reflection, offer space for participants to talk about their journeys, and learn something new.

Financé par Poughkeepsie, NY (March 2024)