Awesome Yarnbomb Club

Transforming empty fences and walls with vibrant, uplifting yarn art, the Brooklyn Yarnbomb Club brings community spirit to the streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn. It launched in 2022 by textile artist Ellie d'Eustachio with Awesome Brooklyn (a gift and home goods store owned by Vanessa Raptopoulos that also provides a free community space).

We create yarnbombs, a yarn-based form of street art. Our group often layers smaller pieces to create a large cohesive image that builds on everyone's skills no matter their experience level. Our aim is to foster pride and community while making art and having fun.

More than just knitting, our bi-weekly craft nights at Awesome are a welcoming space. Here, artists and community members connect, discuss issues, hyper-local politics, and work together to push for positive change. Beginners can learn new skills from experienced members happy to share their knitting and crochet wisdom. Our past yarnbombs, like those at Parkside Plaza and the B/Q tracks near Prospect Park, have been funded by member donations and the local Buy Nothing group.

This grant will allow us the freedom to purchase essential supplies: a dedicated set of tools for the group, a wider range of the correct weight of yarn, mounting materials like netting and chicken wire needed for our two upcoming projects. With this Awesome Foundation grant we will be able to continue to offer support to any and all who want to be involved. Sharing the creative process fosters emotional well-being, while seeing our work displayed locally ignites a sense of community pride.

Financé par New York City, NY (March 2024)