Selam Sunday

Venue at Hoan Kiem
From 12pm-5pm

We want to host a Selam Sunday Event in Spring 2024 that would bring people together in peace as the weather warms up. We are organizing other vendors and ourselves for a chance to sell cultural specific products, all while creating an interactive scene that Portlanders can come and enjoy. In addition, we want to platform small businesses who value cultural sharing experience as an opportunity to fundraise for an organization in need. As coordinators and producers, we will provide Eritrean Coffee while bringing in an Ethiopian food cart and a Somali Henna Design Artist. For entertainment we are looking for DJs that would fit our budget but also someone who knows the region.
We are planning on this event to be about 3-4 hours during the weekend. It is an all ages event accommodating both families and adults by having entertainment and kids zones.

Financé par Portland, OR (November 2023)