WWYW Survivor Healing Groups

A group of 12 to 15 victim-survivors that meet together monthly and learn about ways to heal from sexual violence. WWYW’s groups are conducted within a safe peer-support environment and are facilitated by two experienced professionals. The facilitators create a safe environment for recovery with clear rules and guidelines for the peer-group to ensure appropriate conduct and confidentiality.

The aim is to be an open and safe space for survivors of sexual violence to come together and to connect with others with similar experiences and leave with gained knowledge and tools for healing and recovery.

Each session will be run by a trauma informed facilitator, a counsellor/psychologist and no group will run if a counsellor/psychologist is not present. The role of the counsellor/psychologist is to monitor the group, step in if needed and provide one on one support if any participants become triggered or overwhelmed. The group is totally free of charge and currently running in Newcastle where we have our grass roots, however we are looking to expand into Sydney and other cities in line with the expansion of our organisation.

These groups are significantly important for the community because there is currently very little sexual violence support groups in the area (especially free ones). Multiple sexual assault services have found that a particular successful method of working with survivors of sexual assault and trauma is by bringing survivors together in groups. Groups are an effective tool in providing support, validation, connection, healing, empathy and giving hope.

It will create safe spaces for victims who really need the community to not feel isolated and alone, whilst also helping them find ways to manage the emotions and trauma that comes post experience of violence. Expanding these services into Sydney will also allow us to spread our voice into the city, raising awareness of our other services and work (including upcoming drink spiking education to venues) that will make Sydney a safer area for all on nights out. #awesome for all!

Unfortunately pics of the groups are unavailable due to confidentiality however please see some of the other amazing work we have done!

Financé par Sydney (September 2023)