Rock and Roll Middle School


I'm a science teacher. I don't do art or music or dance. I'm a strange fit to lead an arts program, But my students crave ARTS! I work at a tiny middle school - only 99 kids. We are a public school - so we have a huge diversity of students. We're tiny, so I know EVERYONE - and in my 3 years here I've seen a big difference between the kids that have extra cash to take fancy arts classes and the students that just don't have that cash. Arts training gives kids self esteem, focus and motivation.

That's not fair. My broke students should get all that training in dance, arts, music, circus and ALL the things!!
So I started an arts program here. It's AMAZING. We changed our bell schedule to have dedicated time 4 days a week IN SCHOOL for ALL STUDENTS to do the arts. However, it's a public school funded by low per-pupil funding and we only have credentialed arts teachers 2 days a week.
That means for 2 days a week, each mainstream core teacher is filling in with the arts that we can teach. As a scientist, I started a cooking class - because cooking is similar to chemistry and I feel comfortable there. The PE teacher is teaching Dance. Etc - We are mostly staffed up - The problem is, I need funding to pay some musicians.
Last year we had a staff member taught guitar/ukulele and fundraised for guitars and ukuleles. The kids LOVED IT! Their attendance improved! They bonded with kids that weren't their friends before! They built more self-esteem!

Sadly, that teacher left our school, and broke our hearts. Thankfully he left us with all of the guitars and ukuleles. In order to use these resources, I want to hire a guitar/ ukulele teacher to come and teach a bunch of really cool (and very awkward because they are young teens) middle schoolers.
Please give me, or the Parent's Action Committee at my school 1000$ to pay a local artist to come in and teach guitar to our young teens?

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