Five Oh Five

From the grant recipient, Maya:

"My project, Five Oh Five, is to develop a perfume range using predominately Australian Native scents as ethically and organically as possible.
I have been making candles and room sprays and other things with my Mum's support for a couple of years.
Recently I became quite addicted to perfume but natural and unique scents that are quite expensive. They create such a happy sensory place for me to help me cope with environments outside of my home,
A month ago my mum purchased all that I needed to get started to experiment making my own blends. Now everywhere I go people are asking me what my perfume is, I proudly say Kakadu Plum, I made it, or whatever other scent I may have made.
As I am approaching 15, most of the people my age are looking for part-time jobs around school. For me, that isn't possible. But a business I can manage from home.
The perfumes will be unique and promote the amazing and unique scents of the Australian native landscape, others will incorporate my mother's culture: Dutch.
The perfumes will have blends that require lower fragrance load and longer lasting base notes so it impacts sensitive people less. Our whole community is disabled and many people are very sensitive to perfumes, and fragrances and it has a significant impact on them if it's not harmonious, it's a negative one. Having lower loads and native fragrances reduces the risk of negative impacts.
I have the benefit of my mum who has been working with Aromatherapy for over 30 years and my brother who is an analytical chemist to help me do all the formulations and planning.
I have sourced all local businesses for our supplies from glassware to ingredients to ensure our carbon footprint is minimal to zero.
My business is named after an Arctic Monkeys song, It is the bus that takes me from my front door into the world and the time I was born."

Financé par Melbourne (August 2023)