Music GNV

MusicGNV was born from an impassioned vision to bring the vibrant city of Gainesville an array of top-notch shows, invaluable learning opportunities for creatives, and a comprehensive suite of resources to empower artists in building their fan base and securing higher-quality gigs. The unexpected upheaval caused by the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 has reshaped our beloved music scene in unimaginable ways. Undeterred, we have adapted our approach to ensure that the spirit of Gainesville musicians thrives, all while raising awareness about the venues that have been profoundly affected throughout our community.
Our belief in the legacy of Gainesville's musical storytelling tradition lies at the heart of MusicGNV. We strive relentlessly to enhance Gainesville's music scene, creating an inviting space for musicians of all backgrounds to share their stories through meticulously curated shows, fostering talent, offering apprenticeship opportunities, and providing invaluable resources. United as artists, technicians, promoters, and passionate fans, we work tirelessly to cultivate a more inclusive, diverse, and thriving music community in Gainesville.
We are dedicated to building an equitable and thriving music scene not only in Gainesville, FL but also in the wider north-central Florida area. Through active engagement with diverse stakeholders who represent our community, we aim to develop and implement programs and processes that broaden the horizons of local musicians and all those involved in the music industry. As we grow, we are committed to fostering diverse leadership and ensuring that all the opportunities presented by MusicGNV remain accessible to marginalized and under-served members of our community who bring unique perspectives and contribute to shared musical journeys and experiences.

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