Show Your Colors

Our project supports and celebrates the LGBTQ+ youth of Ohio with a permanent, large scale art installation. The idea for an art installation came following vandalism of Colors+ 2 weeks after we moved into a central location in Fairview Park. Windows were broken to remove a Pride and Black Lives Matter flags, pray painted slurs across the building. Youth wanted to make a statement as a positive response to this event. City restrictions helped us think outside the box to design an art piece that meets city codes and celebrates our community. LGBTQ+ youth, staff, and artists from Sugar Harris (Roni Callahan and Kim Lavery) will collaborate to make a window front art display that encapsulates the artistic skills and energy of our youth and offers a lasting interactive art piece for Colors+Youth Center. Based on discussions between youth and artists, Callahan and Lavery designed an interactive art piece to create in collaboration with youth. Art making days will be held at Colors+ and led by Sugar Harris to . A minimum of 50 youth are expected to participate. Youth will work with artists to construct and paint the art. The art will fill the full window front of Colors+ Youth Center, being enjoyed by those who participate in Colors+ programs and those walking by. The art will reflect Pride colors celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. There will be interactive art pieces: pedestals to display youth art on a rotating basis and a Plus sign that reflects our logo that will provide a seating area for youth. The art piece is multilayered to reflect the intersectional identities of our youth. The largest piece will be translucent to allow light in, create prisms throughout the center, and still provide a sense of privacy for youth. The art has been designed with our youth who are autistic to consider specific sensory needs.

Financé par Cleveland, OH (June 2023)