Standing Stone Concerts

Our project, the Standing Stone Concert Series, is an event program that aims to unite the community of Milesburg, PA, for the appreciation of arts and music. The concert series will take place in the summer and fall and feature live music performances by talents from the surrounding Central Pennsylvania region. Four planned Saturday evening concerts will be offered free to the public and will take place in Homecoming Park. This is the home of the Crooked House, a sculpture project that explores notions of identity and space and is located on the site of a former historic building.

The event would be geared towards the town of Milesburg, a small community that traditionally has been underserved by regional art offerings, and it also will provide a platform for eclectic local talent – classical, jazz, pop, and experimental music are some of the genres we are considering. Food and seating will be provided to ensure the experience is comfortable for all. The concerts’ proximity to a public sculpture is meant to enhance and promote art appreciation in this community.

The series will build on a successful concert previously held at Homecoming park in 2022 on Halloween, which had a large turnout and good reception. This year, the series is in transition, and we hope to use the one-time Awesome Foundation money to establish the series and apply eventually for program stream funding from the PA Council on the Arts or a local organization like the American Federation of Musicians. We are also seeking individual or corporate sponsors for each of the concerts.

Standing Stone Concerts’ lead producer Stacy Glen Tibbetts has performed since the early 1990s throughout the Centre Region as a professional pit/show guitarist, singer/songwriter, and the leader of several small swing/jazz groups. He teaches professional writing at Penn State, including a “Writing in the Arts” course that covers marketing and promotional writing, among other topics.

Financé par State College, PA (March 2023)