Yerbamala Art Studio

Yerbamala is a working studio for woman and non binary artists in the City of Ensenada, Baja California, México. We are located inside a car mechanic shop, and offer a space for members and invited residents to work on their own art projects. Currently we have been centered around textile arts and graphic techniques such as linocut, drypoint and chine collé.

We function as a collective, many of our members do not have a designated space for artistic practice in their homes and this is what we aim to provide. We currently have 10 permanent members, half of them are mothers and having a studio in their homes is just not a possibility for them. We also have a couple of recently out of art school members.
Our permanent members regularly teach embroidery, drawing and linocut and etching techniques for other groups of women at low or no cost.
We also curate and organize all woman and non binary artists art shows featuring our own art, but also, from artists all over México.

Yerbamala is a non profit collective, members or resident artists are not charged to use the space or to participate in our exhibitions.
In México, being a woman or a gender non conforming individual is very dangerous, and we believe that our existence and our art is resistance in itself. We want to thrive and leave our testimony in our creations.

Financé par Awesome Without Borders (May 2023)