The Donuts

What started off as an endeavor to keep our UC Irvine community connected, The Donuts has slowly grown into a grassroots movement of mobilizing our generation to raise awareness, spark meaningful dialogue, and participate in impactful work. We first began building the community through monthly art & music events, in which local members and friends of friends would showcase their creativity. From photographers to DJs, dancers to comedians, The Donuts hosted Jelly-Filled Fridays to provide a platform for the community to support one another's passions and aspirations. Through these events we were able to raise about $4,000; funds we've been using towards executing various social & community initiatives like our Thanksgiving Homeless Drive in Long Beach, picnic at the park, booth at the Brewery Artwalk in LA, and most recent Skid Row Homeless Water Drive. Through these types of "get-togethers", we've been hoping to inspire our community and network to serve the needs of those less-fortunate, believe in a greater purpose, and live empowered lives.

Financé par LA South Bay, CA (July 2013)