A hub for Mums of the Hills

Moths are awesome. No, not moths of the insect variety, although those are pretty incredible too (as are dinosaurs, of course!). We are MoTHs: Mums of the Hills; a Dandenong Ranges-based community group dedicated to supporting women through motherhood. Established in 2015, we have grown from a local online support group to 5.5k-strong village with several sub groups and a keen focus on local advocacy.

We are on a super thrilling mission to open our very own awesome mums hub. This magical, whimsical, wondrous space will enrich our beautiful community in ways that honestly make us giddy with excitement! The hub will be a safe, nourishing and inclusive place, where mothers can connect and feel grounded in their community. We have big plans, HUGE plans: workshops, events, advice sessions, crisis support and more. And yet we are also equally excited for the simpler things, such as a place to recoup and have a cuppa.

The awesome news: we have a location! A sweet spot in the gorgeous town of Belgrave. We invite you to check out the video linked below where you can meet Belinda Young, our founder, taking us on a tour of our future home. (It is worth dropping mention here that Belinda was the 2023 Australian of the Year, Victorian Local Hero! That’s how amazing and vital her group is to the hills)

The not-so awesome news: the costs involved in this project are daunting – but we will not be deterred, awesomeness shall prevail!
Our Vision is a future where mothers and families are connected, supported and empowered to overcome common challenges and thrive in a hill community. Our Mission is to support the well-being of mothers by creating a blended online and face-to-face community in which mothers connect and thrive.


Financé par Melbourne (March 2023)