Moments in Autism

I'm having my first solo photography exhibition at the end of March/early April of this year. The aim of the exhibition is to offer the opportunity to view the world through my eyes: the eyes of an Autistic adult. The photographs are accompanied by written pieces that capture Moments in Autism - the highs, the lows, no filters. The photographs have been taken throughout Awabakal Land and all capture not only things that often go unnoticed, but also the hidden connections that exist in nature.

As an Autistic adult, it's important to me that my voice gets heard. Not for me, though. For Autistic kids, so they can know what their future might look like. For the carers and parents of Autistic kids, so that they can finally say they know an Autistic adult. For other Autistic adults, so that they have a chance to say "Me too!" and realise they're not all alone in this neurotypical world.

The exhibition is being held at Newcastle Music and Art Therapy in Warners Bay. I have been going there for several years, and have had other pieces on display there - pieces that have given kids the chance to point and say "That's what MY head feels like!". It makes sense to further those connections and conversations, to offer insight into the Autistic world in a place where neurotypicals and the neurodivergent come together.

The exhibition will be open to the public, after a private opening. It will run for approximately three weeks. It's my first solo exhibition, however I have been a part of previous exhibitions including Colour the Night (held by ACON) and the Dobell Festival.

Financé par Lake Mac (May 2023)