Favela Painting

Our dream has always been to paint an entire community in Rio de Janeiro. Currently we are setting up a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to return to Brazil and involve a whole group of youth, train them and then employ them. They will completely transform their own community, involved in every step of the proces, including the design. Everything will be filmed, blogged and eventually a documentary will be made. We hope to be able to start by the end of this year and have an ongoing presence to long after the World cup and Olympics are over. The idea is to try to make the project self sustainable by introducing economic elements like creating our own project merchandise and one day even create our own brand of paint. the revenue would be used to support the ongoing project!

This awesome project is raising funds via kickstarter - Support it here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1953408692/painting-an-entire-favela-in-rio-de-janeiro

Financé par Rio de Janeiro (August 2013)