1005 Faces

1005 faces is my personal photography project in which I am re-imagining the face of San Antonio as a cosmopolitan multicultural epicenter of interesting people looking to create an awesome place to live.
The desire is to showcase the diversity of San Antonio through the faces and thoughts of our community, and in doing so provide a clear image of what our city really looks like. Promoting the movement of DreamWeek San Antonio, and moving away from cliche's of Riverwalk and margaritas; San Antonio is a cosmopolitan, multicultural epicenter with eclectic people looking to create an awesome place to live and celebrate our talents and interests. 1005 faces is a collaborative art project as it can only be created by the coming together of friends and strangers to create the full scope, and fulfill the goal of photographing 1005 distinct faces. The hope is to be able to create different forms of public art largely displayed for everyone in the city and beyond to view, enjoy, and ponder.

Financé par San Antonio, TX (June 2013)