A Jury Of Our Queers

A Jury of Our Queers is an "intoxicating mix of drag show, courtroom drama, and theater that playfully blends historic texts and original writing in an act of radical queer re-envisioning."

Section 175 explores moments of hidden queer history that are not otherwise being shared in society. A Jury of Our Queers centers around a single week when "Bombshell broad Mae West and rising Broadway starlet Helen Menken are arrested in 1926 for artistic obscenity and summoned to a metatheatrical courtroom. Their charges: serving face, serving legacy, and serving queer community."

In this interrogation of queer icons and the justice system, the audience will be asked questions of whose history is remembered, whose become lost, and whose stories are saved.

A Jury of Our Queers will be performed at Target Margin Theater as part of the Exponential Festival, January 13th-15th, 2023. Get your tickets now!

Financé par New York City, NY (December 2022)