Crip Justice Social Media

I work on a small team of indigenous people with disabilities running the social media for Crip Justice. CJ highlights the reclaimed usage of the word "crip" to assert a commitment to anti-oppression, including anti-racism. We are a non-profit situated at the intersection of disability and criminal justice, and we strive to support individuals in need of legal justice directly, as well as educate other disabled people about what's going on within our community. We highlight those who are disabled and punished, lives that have been stolen, police violence and accountability, prison conditions, and criminal justice reform. We just started increasing our focused coverage of "medical incarceration," which covers a wide range of issues from involuntary psychiatric admission to sentencing people with psychiatric/cognitive disabilities to the death penalty. I also try to center stories about trans issues and other queer issues in the criminal justice system; and youth involved in the justice system, particularly if they are subject to multiple systems, such as being in the child welfare system, and living in a juvenile correctional facility.

What our grantee is saying: "I assume most of us know the nauseous feeling in our stomach that can start to grow when we stop and actually think about what's in our bank account, and how the next few months are going to play out. Well, receiving the e-mail about this award literally made my stomach feel better. I recently moved from central Oklahoma to Denver, CO, for school, and started working for a small disability non-profit named CripJustice all at the same time, so my financial responsibilities, income, and cost of living all got reshuffled. This award ensures that I can continue putting energy into disability advocacy at a higher level while maintaining the balance in my life necessary to do the work!"

Financé par Disability (November 2022)