The Art of Drag

As an intern for a non profit organization called Art to Change the World I am getting to manage my own project. I want to put on a drag show in the summer of 2023.

Drag shows are about entertaining people of course, but my show will have a twist to it. I want to teach people some of the history of drag. From outfits to dance moves to makeup they all have a story to tell. Inclusivity is top priority so there will be a diverse group of drag performers. The show will also be wheelchair accessible and have interpreters. It will also be live streamed to allow those who can’t attend to enjoy it as well.

My experience with drag is performing and helping with setup/takedown while in college. I loved every second of it and hope to recreate that fun vibe so others can experience it as well. This welcoming style of drag show allows people to see that drag can be about just having a good time. Not everyone has a good opinion about drag but my project could help change how they see drag and maybe encourage more people to attend drag shows.

It is the first time I will be running the show as well as performing. Since I want to share my love of drag with others, I have to make sure I do it right. Funding is a big part of that because you have to pay the people and places involved. If the Awesome Foundation chooses to support my project then I’m one step closer to putting on an awesome drag show.

Two of the attached photos are of my drag king persona, Larry Gaga. Another photo is a draft of the schedule that shows what the plan is for the hosts (myself and one other performer), performers, and activities. I've also included the logo I came up with for my drag show that I have been using for promotion.

Financé par Awesome Without Borders (November 2022)