Pinata's for a Purpose

“Happy Birthday to You…”

Four simple words that are tightly woven into our existence, and so quickly sung from the tip of our tongue without giving a second thought…

But for so many children in Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding area, their birthdays are uncertain, sad, and lonely -- they’re often not celebrated due to a multitude of difficulties. They notice, and so have we. The Fargo chapter of Box of Balloons was brought to the area in 2020 by two volunteers who recognized this need in our community.

Box of Balloons - Fargo partners with social workers, child advocates and educators to provide birthday parties to children who might not otherwise have one. Our core belief is that every child deserves to feel special and have a memorable birthday -- despite their current situation, living arrangements, or family financial status. Our fundamental goal is to provide JOY, hope and celebration for the child!

Once we receive a request, we pull together a unique and customized Birthday Box for the specific child which includes: tableware, decorations, party game/activity, party favors, cupcakes and candles, and a birthday gift, card and necessary wrapping. We then provide the birthday box to the parent or caregiver, dignifying their role in the child’s life and making them the birthday hero!

In the last year alone, we’ve provided 182 Birthday Boxes to children in our community! We are on track to provide over 200 Birthday Boxes to children in need in 2022. 100% of these funds go to the birthday boxes themselves as this mission is led by volunteers, including myself. The fulfillment of this grant request will help us ensure that EVERY child is celebrated on their birthday, and that each birthday is truly HAPPY in the Cass-Clay area!

Financé par Cass Clay (November 2022)