Soul Cafe

Soul Café was established in 2003 to serve the needs of the poor, needy and vulnerable in Newcastle. Today, more than ever, the increasing disadvantaged and vulnerable community need the help and assistance Soul Café offers.
Soul Café serves meals free of charge to the highly disadvantaged of the Newcastle region. In 2021 there were 46,868 free meals and food care packages served/distributed. This accounts to 939 average weekly meals. Many of Soul Cafes guests are dealing with issues of homelessness, drug or alcohol addiction, crime or violence, poverty, mental health or illness concerns or social isolation. At Soul they can access a place off the street, toilet facilities, a meal, food care packs, hygiene packs, blankets, community, belonging and other support services. These support services include a medical clinic, mental health clinic, podiatry, chiropractors, audiologist clinic, NDIS connection desk, hairdressers, internet/telephone access, Job support hub, laundry service, Gamblers, Alcoholics, Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery and other guest services. At Soul we are ‘more than a meal’, we are aiming to be a convergence of help for vulnerable people in Newcastle.
Soul Café also provides a place for 233 volunteers (17-76yrs) to find a sense of community and make a meaningful contribution. Many of our volunteers describe serving at Soul Café as the highlight of their week.
We are planning a further extension of our services. We receive no government funding at all so rely purely on the generosity of individuals, organisations and the general community.

Financé par Newcastle (October 2022)