chasing the shadows

I want to chalk the shadows cast on the sidewalks of people, parking meters, signs, fire hydrants, telephone poles , bicycles (I especially love their shadows), trees, chairs, tables… whatever objects I find along the way that makes a shadow… from Boston through Cambridge along one main street - Mass Avenue.

I like make spectators into participants in the project by posing them. I’m somewhat amazed of how a most ordinary reticent person can get excited about being a part of a project like this.

Someone asked me today if I was making a sun dial and I thought in a way this whole proposed event is like one living breathing sun dial. It’s amazing to see how much the sun moves in such a short time and returning later how completely changed the shadows are. I feel that unlike a drawing that remains forever the same on paper, a chalk drawing on the pavement changes itself as its original shadow moves throughout the day.

Financé par Boston, MA (June 2013)