Audio Books for Aged Care Residents!

As part of my job I go into Aged Care Facilities and support the elderly with mental health issues. During Covid lockdowns it has been HEART BREAKING to see these lovely people locked in their rooms, time and time again. Most of our residents were locked in Christmas Day so could not enjoy the company of their family and simple Christmas treats, such as a platter of Christmas Ham. Many of these residents have low, or no vision. Many of these residents love to read but can no longer. And many of these residents do not have family or friends that visit or support them.
Vision Australia has 'Envoy Connect Audio Players' that cost $75 each (free delivery). The audio player can have 30 books uploaded, which allows the user to search through and have a book narrated to them. Either via the device speaker or headphones. Access to the Vision Australia Library is free and it contains thousands of books and podcasts, magazines and newspapers.
This would enrich the lives of our elderly who have been tortured during this terrible time. They deserve to be spoilt.

Financé par Newcastle (April 2022)