Nothing is Poison, Everything is Poison

I am currently in my third year of Chinese medicine school. While working on a presentation for my gynecology class, an idea was sparked, which I am hoping to evolve into my thesis! The topic is Shibari and Chinese medicine. This is such a fascinating yet largely untapped path. I am intrigued- as are most people I bring it up to! I have recently had this thought...shibari's origins are rooted in violenece, even before it was considered erotic..and now..have we come full circle in our desire/need/interest to use shibari in working through and healing trauma??

Simultaneously, I am intrigued by the how many of the classic knots in shibari align beautifully with acupressure/acupuncture points. As I am currently deep into studying the spiritual, emotional and physical components of what these points represents, I can feel and see a whole world continue to unfold where a shibari session can become a source of healing on quite a deep level.
I am thrilled to dive deep down the rabbit hole!

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Acupuncture Intern at
Academy of Chinese Culture & Health Sciences
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