The Mobile Music Project

Our awesome project is a mobile Music Therapy program targeted towards a community based approach to self-expression and healing through visual and performing arts.

This music program allows freedom of speech and expression of thoughts, trauma, dreams, and aspirations often not expressed in at risk populations.

Music art as therapy builds self-esteem, interconnectivity of community, and teaches appropriate ways to express vulnerability, emotional pain, resilience, and triumph. Music expression is noted to have a calming, therapeutic effect, which has been known to help children and adults with trauma and to assist in violence prevention through processing of anger and stress before situations become volatile.

Master lyricist, musician, and oral storyteller, Mr. Charles Barnes, Jr. is co-creator of an innovative music therapy program which teaches inner city communities to express anger, sadness, dreams, powerlessness, and aspirations through rhythm and poetry. He currently creates and executes custom music programs for four different neighborhoods within Ward 8 and the Anacostia corridor. All programs of free of charge to the community.

Dr. Patrise Holden, founder of The Language Key, serves as an educational consultant, designing and implementing imaginative impactful academic and communications programs.

The Mobile Music program deals with subjects such as grief, conflict resolution, trauma, fatherlessness, and subjects that if left unaddressed may lead to violence, anxiety, negative behavior, or compounded trauma.

The Mobile Music project specifically takes music programs geared towards self expression and connectivity directly into communities. Through simple beats, writing prompts, song writing, games, creation of a safe space, free expression, and validation of emotions, the mobile music project helps facilitate healing conversations that reduce anxiety, stress, mental trauma, and build self esteem and belief in future possibilities.

Financé par Washington, DC (March 2022)