Jasmin Childcare Playground Equipment Change


I am one of the teachers in Jasmin Childcare/Preschool (JCP). To introduce JCP first,
JCP is a non-profit, multicultural childcare center embracing diversity and preparing children's academic success in Kindergarten. Most of the parents in the Jasmin Childcare center are from low-income, single-parent households, and many of them struggle to pay for their copayment costs. Other families who make a little above the poverty line don't qualify for state child care assistance.

We had been raising funds for changing playground equipment. The equipment we have is worn out, partially broken, and small for children ages 4-5. Especially the slide in the playground is 2 feet long which is an appropriate size for toddlers but preschoolers have used it since there is no bigger slide for them to play with. Playground equipment is expensive in general, so it is still not enough to buy a bigger slide with the funds we raised only. All JCP staff are long for having age-appropriate playground equipment to support children’s motor development and encourage their play. If we get selected for this grant, the finance will be used to buy playground equipment for preschool-age children.

Financé par Cass Clay (January 2022)