Bay Area Emerging Museum Professionals Mentorship

The Bay Area Emerging Museum Professionals (BAEMP) is dedicated to being a resource to and an advocate for the community of early-career museum professionals by creating spaces that encourage networking, growth, equity, diversity, and professional empowerment within the museum field.

In 2020, BAEMP changed dramatically. Not only has the leadership of the organization changed, but it has radically re-committed itself to being a vessel of support to its community of emerging professionals. Furthermore, the board committed itself to diversity, equity, inclusion. and accessibility. We are now 90% BIPOC, with more than 30% of our members identitying as LGBTQIA+, and 80% of our membership coming from low income households. This data is in stark contrast to the general statistics of the museum field which is overwhelmingly white and male.

Since 2020, BAEMP has provided free programs to members and the general community. Programs include Museum Advocates, an Instagram Live series focusing on issues raised by emerging museum professionals, and Land That Job, where museum leaders of color talk about issues about finding and securing jobs in the competitive museum field. By focusing on issues and solutions unique to BIPOC individuals, the program fills a void not addressed by any other museum organization in California.

Financé par Oakland, CA (January 2022)