Catching the Chain: Voices of the Incarcerated

“Catching the Chain: Voices of the Incarcerated” is a podcast that centers the experiences of incarcerated people. The phrase “catching the chain” refers to someone that is leaving jail or prison. Once free from a facility, formerly incarcerated people face obstacles such as lack of housing, employment opportunities, food insecurity, heightened correctional supervision, and lack of healthcare. This is in addition to the hardships they faced while detained. This podcast centers their experiences and shows their humanity which society tends to strip away. Interviews with currently incarcerated people, the formerly incarcerated, families, and professionals in the field, will highlight injustices of this population. We will talk about loss, love, resilience, failures, and all the topics that make us who we are. On the podcast’s website, we will also feature poetry, drawings, and other materials made by current and formerly incarcerated people. Around 95% of those incarcerated will be released; therefore, by building empathy within our communities we can think beyond the millions of people with past convictions and move towards a better future.

Financé par Washington, DC (December 2021)