Legal Activism; Navigating Ontario’s Ag-Gag Laws

We propose to research and develop effective (and legal) advocating strategies to then share with activists during a live webinar. This will also provide an opportunity for activists to ask questions.

In 2020, Ontario introduced agricultural gag (“ag-gag”) legislation which significantly hampers activists’ ability to protest outside farms and slaughterhouses (that is, the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act). This legislation also criminalizes whistle blowers and/or undercover investigations. As such, our organization, AEL Advocacy (Animal Environmental Legal Advocacy), seeks to research and advise activists how to effectively advocate, in light of these ag-gag laws. We need to ensure activists continue to raise awareness about the serious issues of factory farming without getting into trouble with the law.

Animal activists have enough to fight for on a daily basis. As such, defending themselves against criminal charges (such as mischief, break & enter, etc) and/or civil charges (such as trespass to property), should not be added to their list. Our aim is to take a proactive approach to protect our animal activists, so that they can continue to devote their energy to raising awareness about the heartbreaking truth of the farmed animal industries.

Financé par Vegan (January 2022)