Be The Voice

I am interested in starting a support group for victims of gun violence and the families and friends of homicide victims. My Mother was an innocent bystander shot and killed in north Minneapolis in 2016. Since that time, I have worked hard with other families to find justice for their murdered loved ones. In doing so, I have found a lot of individuals are in need of support that is unconventional.

Our black/brown communities have long had a stigma against seeing a therapist in a normal conventional setting. I hope that by bringing an unconventional setting and services to individuals we can help heal our communities. It is no secret that hurt people, hurt people! Too often young people are left to figure out the death of a family or friend on their own with no support.

I hope to create allies within the schools systems, park boards and within the police departments to offer services immediately after such a loss. I also hope to be able to offer support services to navigate the systems for families to alleviate some of the stress while they are morning, i.e., help with finding services for funeral costs and filling out paper work for those services.

Financé par North Minneapolis, MN (November 2019)