H-cubed: Harrison, Healing, Harmony

H-Cubed: Harrison, Healing, and Harmony is an artist-led, community-driven, family-centered, grassroots organized series created with the purpose of cultivating healing and harmony in the North Minneapolis Harrison neighborhood through intentional creative space-making and collective empowerment.

Each month, we host a catered meal with featured artists, open mic, and community conversations at Harrison and North Minneapolis locations. The gatherings are free of charge and open to the public, all ages and identities, inviting anyone in search of a place of belonging to join the growing movement. Together, we are developing the courageous and compassionate community our hearts long for. Each event has a thematic topic, chosen by the collaborative team, around which performance and conversation is centered, where an inclusive environment of intergenerational, authentic dialogue can occur.

H-Cubed grew as a community resource in response to the police killing of Jamar Clark and 4th Precinct occupation just North of Harrison. Partnerships expanded to include Redeemer Center for Life, Harrison Neighborhood Association, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, and Intertwine Northeast. Our mission is to empower marginalized voices, build collective resources that address deep-rooted, systemic issues, and catalyze healing through the arts.

Traditionally, our work has been a labor of love operated by a core planning team of artist organizers and volunteers. Grant funding strengthens our efforts and allows us to deepen the impact of much needed community asset development.

Financé par North Minneapolis, MN (September 2018)