Kids gone camping! Together we rise!

The high school at which I teach (Kennedy High School in Fremont) has a unique program we developed to intervene and help our most struggling students. Our program is called GA2NAS (Gaining Attitude and Accountability Necessary to Achieve Success) and our motto is "Together We Rise". We identify a group of students every year who have the potential to succeed but do not have the will to do so and we give them support to grow their confidence, motivation, and skills to get on track and graduate! Our program has been very successful and we are planning to bring our students to Yosemite in May for four days and three nights where they will be able to put into action the skills they have learned in a new setting outside of the classroom and challenge themselves in new ways. We have impactful activities planned to give them the chance to bond even more deeply than we can at school. The vast majority of our students in this program have never had the opportunity to be immersed in nature, let alone in a place as stunning as Yosemite and we believe this can be a life-changing experience for them and one they will never forget.

Financé par San Francisco, CA (October 2021)