Health and Wellness Self Care

This September 2021 micro-grant round will be awarded to A Leadership Journey (ALJ).

ALJ will provide youth participants with a monthly credit towards a health and wellness activity of their choice. This would be the first time that ALJ would be capable of making this activity happen.

The MUSE Foundation: AwesomePVD Initiative will be the first partner to help us install this monthly self care practice.

About and how the program works:

When: This year, as we continue to prioritize the health of BIPOC youth participants, A Leadership Journey is seeking to provide BIPOC youth participants with equitable access to self care activities outside of the activities we offer ourselves. Over the next 10 months, we hope to pay for 1 activity a month for each ALJ participant.

Where: During the 4th Saturday of each month, A Leadership Journey will provide each participant with a monthly stipend to for them to participate in a self care practice.

Why: As reported in the Rhode Island Kids Count Report, 2020, we are aware of the high stress levels youth are experiencing, and how COVID was and is still having an impact on their overall health. As stated in our mission statement, it is our commitment to help BIPOC youth prioritize their health.

Why: Not only will this allow us to continue to move our mission forward, but it will continue to help us put BIPOC youth and their health at the front of our work.

Why: It is one thing to learn about the importance of prioritizing your health, it is another to actually begin implementing practices. We want ALJ participants to not only receive the practices we offer and make accessible inside the program, but it is important for them to also have access outside of the program.

LIVE Award Event:

Financé par Providence, RI (September 2021)