Keep the Critters Out Campaign

Stone Soup CLE is a non-profit food rescue organization. Since 2015, we have rescued and redistributed more than 400,000 pounds of good food and redistributed it to communities in and around Cleveland.

We have a permanent residence at Cleveland Roots (a non-profit community garden/farm) with a dedicated space and walk-in cooler and freezer.

Although the space was transformed from a dirt floor, ramshackle shed storage area into a secure clean space for food storage in 2019, we are still unable to use the dry storage area due to a mouse problem.

The space requires just a bit more love before we can safely store our dry goods there. This issue has kept us from rescuing thousands of pounds of dry goods (pasta, etc) as well as some produce that is best kept out of the cooler (potatoes, apples, etc.) Not only would the wasted space be utilized for more dry storage, but it would free up space in the walk-in cooler, which is quickly fills to capacity.

Financé par Cleveland, OH (September 2021)