Dinosaurs can skate with Vandal

My Awesome project is to create an equity based art kit inspired by my in-person skate deck workshops that I run with various age groups (from 7 years – 13 years old).This art kit would be given to workshop participants (included in their ticket price) when my workshops have to pivot from in person to Covid Safe (online) workshop format.I have recently been forced into thinking how to adapt my skate deck artwork to an online format. The big aspect of my workshop is that I offer a lot of different mixed media materials for participants to use. Most of the time these are new things to kids who have not used for instance, a paint marker – a texta filled with acrylic paint, before. I always reassure the kids to think differently and to incorporate any ‘mistakes’ they make, rather than correcting them. When they’re using new materials, things happen, but they’re often awesome things rather than mistakes.In changing to a work from home /online format for my workshop to succeed and still be of value to participants, I want to ensure each participant has the equal ability to access art supplies. I believe there is a big presumption that all kids who can afford to go to a creative workshop, magically have their own personal art supplies and skate decks. These are supplied as part of the workshop. Rather than assume this is the case, I’d like to create an equity art kit, so that the kids can have their own art supplies (to keep after the workshop) for when my workshops have to change to this distanced format. And so they can continue to be artistic and inspired after my events.The Awesome Grant would help me create kits and to road test this idea out against my current booking schedule. It would allow me to present this as an alternative solution to organisations that hire me for this specific workshop but then have to cancel the in-person event as we pivot constantly under Covid 19 restrictions. This grant would keep my creative practices going when lockdowns happen.

Financé par Melbourne (June 2021)