Covid Self-Care Kits in Domestic Violence Shelters

Our proposed project is COVID-19 wellness and hygiene kits for 8 of the largest domestic violence shelters in the city of Chicago. Our organization has acted as the largest domestic violence shelter support system in the city for the past decade. The shelters have specifically requested these kits, and now, we are doing everything in our power to make it happen. We have developed a survey to distribute to 8 of our partner shelters, some of the largest DV shelters in the city of Chicago. We hope to be able to ask survivors what the most wellness and hygiene needs are for both them and their children, and develop targeted kits to distribute. In these kits, we will also provide numerous products for survivors to use in their self-care practices.
Ultimately, our service continues because we know wholeheartedly that acts of kindness will shape a future world where domestic violence is no longer tolerated. With this project, we hope to encourage the joy, dignity, and grace of each survivor by providing access to often overlooked hygiene products to help boost esteem, self-care, and wellness. We believe that provision of these kits helps promote self-love and ensures that marginalized communities feel cared for during times of crisis when they are can often be forgotten and overlooked.

Financé par Chicago, IL (May 2021)