DPG does North End Sketch Club at the Irish Centre

Dead Pigeon Gallery will deliver two North End Sketch Club events at The Irish Centre Liverpool in Summer 2021. We will also buy a much needed cart to transport art materials to future North End Sketch Clubs and fill it with great materials that will last for many future events.

Since its launch in Stanley Park in April 2018, Jayne Lawless has run North End Sketch Club at venues across North Liverpool and will soon be running sessions with Fans Supporting Foodbanks at its mobile pantry. The beauty of NESC is that it is portable, it can go anywhere and work with anyone, from those who’ve never sketched in their lives, to established artists. Being a ‘club’ rather than a course, leads to a laid back approach, so anyone can drop in at any stage. There’s no ‘teaching structure’, instead the sessions respond to the environment and the group itself. The sessions at The Irish Centre will be free and all materials will be provided.

The Irish Centre is a community and social hub at the heart of the Irish community in Merseyside. Their mission is to promote Irish heritage and culture, provide a space for this to happen and support members of the Irish Community in doing so, as well as serving the wider community, seeking to bring people from all backgrounds together. DPG is developing a relationship with The Irish Centre and we’ve already planned a ticketed evening event in June 2021 to get the public interested in this new collaboration. The Awesome grant would give us the opportunity to deliver two further half day North End Sketch Club events, open to anyone and free of charge. This will test the viability for delivering more NESC sessions and future collaborative work with The Irish Centre.

Financé par Liverpool (April 2021)