Project Gal

‘Gal’ Project is a grassroots and volunteer-based student project working in five different law faculties throughout Israel – Tel Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Haifa University and the Rishon LeZion College of Management. The project was established in 2005 by Gabi Chartock, J.D. (then a law student from Tel Aviv University) with the assistance of his friends Keren Halperin-Musseri, J.D. and Neta Reef, J.D.
The vision behind the project is to promote socially-oriented actions by individuals intent on exercising their entrepreneurship skills and creativity towards social justice.
The project is conceived as a platform whereby participants are able to take on urgent social issues preeminent in Israeli society, all while gaining invaluable legal tools. Activities are run in direct cooperation with academic experts and legal professionals who provide support and consultation in different disciplines; participants are given the chance to collaborate with researchers and law professors, past and present parliament members, lawyers and strategic advisors. As such, members are able to accumulate experience with legal suits, legislative orders and come in contact with various media and public outlets. In addition, members partake in enriching workshops and seminars allowing them to meet and engage with the top personalities from the legal, media, politics and business fields.
Participants work in groups of 2-4 members whereby each team works together to fulfill a unique social initiative. All teams are supervised by a team coordinator, who is responsible for the constant advancement of each team initiative. Coordinators are in turn also given the task of progressing the broad-based aspects of the project (such as selecting new initiative ideas, maintaining contacts with academic staff members etc) as well as other infrastructural facets (ensuring information exchange, managing web-based activities, running a media campaign etc

Financé par Tel Aviv - קרן בקטנה (January 2013)