Put Your Hands Together-Emergency Food Assistance

Several weeks ago in my solicitation for food donations for our food pantry I was contacted by three food distributors for the airlines of our two Chicago airports, O’Hare and Midway, telling me they had approximately 90,000 pallets of food ready to expire at the end of the month that was going to be disposed of. This was exciting and frustrating as the staging of such a delivery and distribution required large trucks and a loading dock if we were to take advantage of this opportunity to help so many individuals as well as smaller food pantries and emergency food relief organizations. This is an amazing opportunity that has come along with the other effects of the pandemic. We want to feed people with these awesome meals and prevent severe food and financial losses suffered by the airlines and these food distributors. This is a fantastic opportunity to turn a tragedy into so much good. By providing the logitic services and transportaion of donated food we are able to deliver and set up our Mobile Food Pantry onsite to the most needy areas. During rioting, civil unrest and the pandemic, we have been able to provide many meals to these pockets of our hurting communities.

Financé par Chicago, IL (January 2021)