Day of the Dead

Our project will offer half-term support to low-income families with children 3-10 during half-term by sending innovative, low-resource crafts and activities through the #FairyTrollPost, offering 3 online parent support sessions and a Halloween event. These families will be identified through check-up phone calls and sessions at Tomorrow’s Women Wirral and Bee Wirral. We have worked with TWW and Bee in the past to great results: 100% of our first two low-income cohorts indicated the #FairyTrollPost had a positive impact on their family time. For this project we would combine home-based activities for families with online parental coaching support, the coaching is new for us but your funding would allow us to include it. Especially, as it is an area we identified as needing more support through feedback: although 88% of parents/carers felt more confident after 6 weeks on the FairyTrollPost only 63% felt more empowered to problem solve with their child. We have also had an increase in children with SPLD, and being able to include support for already-streched carers, would be our aim.
During the week commencing 25th October, which is half-term on the Wirral, we would like to send a free week of crafts, activities and fun #FairyTrollPost materials on the theme of the Mexican celebration the ‘Day of the Dead’ to 15 children and their families and support all parents currently sponsored on the Fairy Troll Post ( we have some children sponsored by local fundraising efforts as well, such as a woman with 4 children 3-10 who lost her husband at the start of lockdown and 5 families on free school meals). All FairyTrollPost families would have access to 3 coaching sessions, culminating in an opportunity to attend an event on October 31st, where children and their guardians will make a Mexican craft and story, as part of MAKE Hamilton Square’s Autumn festival. This event will be our first face-to-face session since March 2020 and will celebrate life and recognise loss.

Financé par Liverpool (September 2020)