Boys 2 Books

Boys 2 Books is a mentorship program that empowers young males through literacy, leadership, and life skills. The illiteracy rate and high school drop out rate is affecting the city of Detroit and surrounding communities.
Boys 2 Books is designed to increase proficiency in literacy and help young males graduate from high school. My program is exposed to 150 males and their families. I test the reading levels of our young men and provide strategies to increase verb conjugation, phonemic awareness, and language acquisition.
Mentors and speakers are often invited to share their story and push our youth on the path to success. This program is a rights of passage, assisting young men in their transition from boyhood to manhood. Boys 2 Books equips and empowers young males via self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-respect that fosters personal development and community involvement.
A plethora of books are used as a bridge to help young men navigate from boyhood to manhood. Students engage in dialogue, keep journals, and are given methods in which to practice life skills (such as professionalism in the work place, job interviews, professional attire, self-respect, personal hygiene, developing positive relationships, academic excellence, etiquette, college readiness, and community responsibility).
The young men are exposed to community resources via influential leaders, careers, field trips, and information to empower them on the road to success.
This program is transforming the lives of our young males, their parents lives, and our communities.

Financé par Detroit, MI (November 2012)