Man Hour - Character Development Program

The Spalding Clubhouse offers two programs aimed specifically at the character and leadership development of adolescent boys. Man Hour (for middle school boys) and SWAG-Society Wants a Gentleman (for high school boys) were developed with the goal of providing positive male mentors to young boys who need it the most. The Man Hour and SWAG programs use the BGCA "Passport to Manhood" curriculum as a guide for program sessions. The belief of these programs is that adolescent boys require special attention to talk explicitly about and model responsible manhood and to introduce them to good examples of dependable men. This role is too important to be left to television or social media. Through a variety of activities centering around diverse program topics, adolescent boys have an opportunity to explore these issues, ask questions and get clarity to enable them to make better decisions as they develop into young men. Some examples of program topics include: values in personal decision making, developing a personal code of ethics, responses to authority, relationships with girls, fatherhood & the family, employment & careers, cooperation & managing conflict, and more. The Spalding Clubhouse is looking to enhance its current in-Club program with a special camping trip that would allow a group of adolescent boys and prominent male figures in their lives (whether it be a father, step-father, uncle, etc) to come together to study those topics in a transformative environment. The excursion would be led under the supervision of the main program staff, Jeric Lake, who would be responsible for facilitating various program sessions throughout the camping trip. The camping trip would allow the Club to further its impact to young boys by providing a solid example for those male role models in their lives of how to be an effective guide throughout their adolescent life, helping participants to learn how to positively influence their families, peers and the greater community.

Financé par Oahu, HI (December 2012)