Keeping Rough Sleepers Warm

My name is Jackie Warn and I'm a director of a charity called One Meal it Makes a Difference.

We provide food services to over 9 different locations (and growing) across Sydney with the one I am mainly involved with being held each Saturday night at Green Park in Darlinghurst starting at 7 pm then the first Sunday of the month starting at 6pm.
I would like to apply for the $1000 "Awesome" grant which if successful would greatly benefit our homeless and marginalized within the Darlinghurst, Surry Hills and Kings Cross area.
The money would be spent on 2 things. Hooded Sleeping Bags to help keep the rough sleepers warm. Over the last few weeks, I've noticed at service that it's getting bitterly cold in the park and having sleeping bags to offer the rough sleepers would be a massive help to them.
We also have a lovely gentleman (patron) who lives in public housing who would benefit from having a microwave, an extra he is unable to afford. This would be really beneficial to him as he would be able to take any extra meals we have available (we often get donations of frozen meals to give to our patrons that have accommodation so they have access to free and nutritious food during the week) saving him money on his grocery bill. At the moment he only has a very small cooktop so he is unable to heat any extras we can give him.
As with all charities, our expenditure has been enormous these last few months due to COVID19 and all the problems this has caused. We have had to purchase extra food and water to feed the patrons over all of our services as the volunteer numbers have dropped significantly, which means the food donations drop as well, as well as take away containers, hand sanitizer, extra gloves etc.
It's been a difficult few months, but we have never stopped our services, something we are proud of when many other charities services have been suspended.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my application.

Financé par Sydney (July 2020)