Grace Space

I am going to produce a socially distanced dance performance outside. A small group of dancers and I will create a piece based on themes that have affected both us and society over the course of the past several months. We will present this work in a large parking lot. Attendees of the performance will be instructed to drive to the parking lot and will be given specific instructions on how to park their cars. The cars will be parked in a large circle, facing inward, thus creating a physical perimeter. By doing this, a natural stage in the round is created within which a performance can ensue. The performance will begin at dusk and the cars will be instructed to leave their lights on to create the lighting for the piece, which will evolve as the sun sets.

By helping to form the performance venue itself and the show’s lighting, the dance-goers participate in a beautifully collaborative, shared performing arts experience, all while remaining safely in their cars.

Financé par Pittsburgh, PA (June 2020)