Bare Necessities Little Lunches

Children at school previously had breakfast clubs and nutrition programs to enjoy but suddenly children no longer attended school. My aim was to bridge that gap during COVID and offer this program to children in their homes. I am partnered with High Park, P.E. McGibbon, Queen Elizabeth II and London Road as well as Children's Aid Society. Children in our Community receive little lunches and have done so for the past 8 weeks. Initially the lunch contained 5 items & now, with donations not-so-little lunches average 10 items. Approx. 2,988 lunches have been distributed to date. Teachers, EAs, Principals and VPs are some of the friendly faces who deliver these to children (contact-less). Bare Necessities Little Lunches went above and beyond recently by adding fun books too.

It is so awesome! And it started in a little bungalow where most of the packing takes place, supply gathering, ordering, ideas originate and all with passion and dedication. My aim is to be a relentless big voice for little children. It reaches children who cannot always get to a food bank or store etc. So I wanted to remove stigma of appearing in need/pride or judgement. Not all children have an advocate so Bare Necessities Little Lunches just reach questions asked!

Financé par Sarnia (June 2020)