GiGi's at Home

On March 13, 2020 all in-house programming was suspended impacting over 135 families. Families depend on programs to facilitate the development of the learner with Down syndrome. Programs focus on fine and gross motor activities, language development, reading and math skills, and fitness. On March 26, 2020 GiGi’s at Home, virtual programming, launched. Virtual programming allows families to safely engage in programs at home through GoToMeeting, however, program materials and supplies are limited to what families have access to at home. Many of our families are medically high-risk with GiGi’s providing a place of support and resources during trying times. However, the transitional supports we have provided are no longer safely accessible. We are rapidly responding to our families ensuring they receive the supports needed with limited access to resources. With virtual programming extending into summer, it is crucial to provide families with tangible resources for successful program participation.

Financé par Cass Clay (July 2020)